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2020 FESPA Guangzhou Miracle Show previews and invitations

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Author : Elle Lu
Update time : 2009-12-27 15:12:00

Due to the impact of the new crown virus, all exhibitions are rescheduled, and the opening time will be notified separately.

Time:Feb.9th - 11th, 2020
Add:2nd flr, Hall 4#, Poly World Trade Center Expo,Pazhou Guangzhou, China
Booth No.:D55-56
Company name:Miracle Heat Transfer Equipment Co.,Ltd

Miracle Heat Transfer Equipment Co., Ltd. will proove digital color printing of toner laser heat transfer applications on conventional media. These daily media include PU / PVC artificial leather, kraft paper, paper cups, disposable recycled paper lunch boxes, plastic Daily necessities ( PP, PS, PC), Wheat straw, wood, bamboo, in addition, combined with the reinforcement coating liquid, the application range is also extended to conventional metal, glass, crystal, ceramic and other surface toner laser heat transfer printing.

With the improvement of research and development, We aim to Researching more and better solutions to solve customers' dark material heat transfer problems.

We have independently developed more new type of heat transfer machine, laser transfer paper (hard objects & cloths) -a digital laser thermal transfer that achieves a small amount of dark medium bronzing and silver reflection effects, a complete solution for retrofitting CMYW printers, accessories and consumables.

High light: At this exhibition, we will show for the first time our new magnetic drawer heat press Machine PowerMax. The shape of this machine adopts mechanical and Transformers. We have improved the drawer drawing method and gas spring connection of this heat press machine in the past. In this way, the service life will be longer and the maintenance cost will also be reduced.

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